What do Christians and Muslims Pray?

A Comparison of the Lord's Prayer and the Islamic Fatiha

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Abd al-Masih


  1. The Main Prayer of Islam: The Fatiha
  2. The Main Prayer in Christianity: The Lord's Prayer
  3. The Common Structure of the Fatiha and the Lord's Prayer

I. The Opening or Introduction
  1. In the Name of Allah
  2. Allah
  3. The Merciful and Compassionate
  4. Our Father
  5. Who Is in Heaven

II. The Worship and the Requests for the Kingdom of Heaven
  1. Praise Belongs to Allah
  2. The Lord of the Worlds
  3. The Merciful and Compassionate
  4. Ruler on the Day of Judgment
  5. Hallowed Be Your Name
  6. Your Kingdom Come
  7. Your Will Be Done on Earth As It Is in Heaven

III. The Daily Requests
  1. You Alone We Serve
  2. From You Alone We Seek Our Help
  3. Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread
  4. And Forgive Us Our Debts
  5. As We Forgive Our Debtsors

IV. Requests for Protection from Falling into Temptation
  1. Lead Us on the Straight Path
  2. The Path of Those You Have Given Grace
  3. Not on the Path of Those Upon Whom Your Wrath Rests Nor on the Path of the Lost
  4. And Lead Us Not Into Temptation
  5. But Deliver Us From the Evil One

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