The Penalties for Apostasy in Islam

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  1. When Does a Muslim Become an Apostate?
  2. Calling the Apostate to Repentance
  3. The Case of the Female Apostate
  4. The Possessions of the Apostate
  5. The Status of the Heretic
  6. The Apostate Who Resides in the House of War
  7. The Activities of the Apostate
  8. The Apostasy of the Youth and the Insane
  9. The Case of the Lad Who Reaches Maturity As an Apostate
  10. The Apostasy and Faith of the Drunkard
  11. The Acceptance of the Witness for the Prosecution in the Matter of Apostasy
  12. The Manner of Repentance
  13. Individual Rulings Concerning the Apostate
  14. The Good Deeds of the Apostate
  15. Closing

According to the Four Schools of Islamic Law
From 'Abdurrahmani'l-Djaziri's Kitabul'l-fiqh 'ala'l-madhahibi'l-'arba'a (Vol. 5, pp. 422-440)
(Translated from the Arabic)
First Arabic Edition (Cairo): 1934;
Eighth Arabic Edition (Cairo): 1987;
First English Edition (Villach): 1997

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